donderdag 23 juli 2015

Thursday Challenge, Old

Today's Thursday Challenge is about OLD (Vintage, Antique, Rusty, Secondhand, Long ago, Aging, Senior,...)

Fontevraud-l'Abbaye where Richard Lionheart's  tomb is

Richard Lionheart

© KH

donderdag 16 juli 2015

Thursday Challenge; Favourite

The Thursday Challenge this week is; FAVOURITE (Thing, Photo, Person, Pet,...)

 My best friend; Jessie

© KH 

donderdag 9 juli 2015

Thursday Challenge; Sound

This Thursday Challenge it's about; "SOUND" (Noise, Music, Singing, Birds, Insects, Vehicles,...)

A few days ago I was walking in my garden with my camera when I heard a sound, a buzzing. It was this guy;

© KH

maandag 6 juli 2015

Small Dusty Wave Moth on Fern

I've been making a few pictures of my garden lately and these ones of a beautiful moth on my fern I found especially lovely;
A small dusty wave moth or in Dutch Grijze stipspanner

© KH

donderdag 2 juli 2015

Thursday Challenge, Motion

The Thursday Challenge of today is all about; "MOTION" (Things Spinning, Going Fast, Motion Blur, Moving, Running,...)

Taken last year in the Efteling; the dancing water

© KH

donderdag 25 juni 2015

Thursday Challenge, beach

Today's Thursday Challenge is about; "BEACH" (Sand, Water, Relaxation, Boats, Sunsets, Seashells,...)

 Windmill park just outside IJmuiden 

© KH

donderdag 18 juni 2015

Thursday Challenge, Lines

Today's Thursday Challenge is about Lines (Linear Marks, Strips, Railroad Lines, Telephone/Electrical Lines, Line ups,...)

 Our lovebird Henry in her cage

© KH