donderdag 23 juni 2016

Thursday Challenge; Young

Today's Thursday's challenge is; YOUNG (Children, Babies, Baby Animals, Things that are new,...)

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woensdag 22 juni 2016

Openluchtmuseum Arnhem

Last week sis and I took our mum on a daytrip to the Openluchtmuseum in Arnhem. (Openairmuseum) As they say themselves on their site; it's a museum of all stories hidden in the historic houses, mills and farmhouses you will find on the museum park. We saw how the people lived back then; back in the 1800s, or during the great war or even in the 70s. Different homes, different styles. They have all kinds of buildings and furniture. I've been there as a child but now it's even bigger and they've added wax figures to make it even more realistic.
An impression;

 A farmhouse from Staphorst
 Windmill with sheep and Wildflowers

 A home in 60s style

 A child before his Holy Communion

 Waiting on the doctor

 baby check up

 Zaanse Schans

 Candy store



 windmill with reflection


 Old tram


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donderdag 16 juni 2016

donderdag 9 juni 2016

Thursday Challenge; Black

This Thursday Challenge is about; BLACK (Dark, Night, Shadows, Shade, Gloom,...)

walking towards the light from the dark forest

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donderdag 2 juni 2016

Thursday Challenge; Flight

This Thursday's Challenge is about; Flight (Bird, Insect, Jet, Airplane, Seeds,...)

Bumblebee flying from one Oregano flower to another

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zondag 29 mei 2016

Tiny snail

Last week when it was drizzling outside I looked up from my book to see a brave tiny snail in with a bright orange-brown shell, making its way across one way of the fench to the other. Surely but slowly in the drizzle. I  had to go outside to take some pictures of it of course.

© KH

donderdag 26 mei 2016

Thursday Challenge; Barrier

This Thursday Challenge the theme is; BARRIER (Wall, Fence, Gate, Door, Stanchions,...)

Hadrian's Wall Northumberland UK

© KH