donderdag 29 januari 2015

Thursday Challenge; Lights

This Thursday Challenge is about Lights (Candles, Street Lights, Fire, Ornamental Lights,...)

One of my favourite castles in Scotland; Eilean Donan Castle In Scotland at dusk.

© KH

donderdag 22 januari 2015

Thursday Challenge; Trees

This Thursday Challenge it's about TREES (All kinds,...)

There's a pond across from my home and around the pond there are lots of trees, but one tree is a bit crooked. It's been like that for years and I kinda like it like that. :)

I love trees, in any season but when it's winter and it snows and the snow stays on the trees, it's just such a beautiful sight... 

© KH

donderdag 15 januari 2015

zondag 11 januari 2015

Thursday Challenge; Toys

It's been a while but I've been a bit busy. So I have to confess I forgot a little about the challenge. So I'm going to try to catch up;

The last Thursday Challenge was about; "TOYS" (Children's toys, Playing,...)

When it snowed here the day after Christmas I took this picture of the dog's toy which she never plays with I must add that's why it sits in the window-sill all the time in every weather; waiting to be played with.

© KH

donderdag 11 december 2014

Thursday Challenge; My Favourite photo

This Thursday Challenge is the last of this year and streches out over three weeks I guess. "MY FAVOURITE PHOTO" (3 week theme from Dec 11 to Jan 1)

That's a hard one or maybe not so. Browsing through my photo's I've noticed I haven't made so many this year. My Nikon and I aren't the best of friends not as my Panasonic and I were. It doesn't give me the pleasure of taking pictures as the other camera did and that's a real shame I think.

The times I go on a day out with my mum and sis are the best of times. We still have lots of those days to go but those times have the best of pictures as well and my favourite ones too.

So my photo is from early spring this year when we went to the Keukenhof for the first time to see all the beautiful flowers and had so much fun.

 Sis and mum

                         Beautiful Tulips                        

© KH

donderdag 4 december 2014

Thursday Challenge; Minimal

This Thursday Challenge is about; "MINIMAL" (Photography or things that are simple,...)

Rain drops on leaves

© KH

donderdag 27 november 2014

Thursday Challenge; Leaves

This Thursday Challenge is all about; "LEAVES" (Trees, plants and leaves of autumn colours just simply green,...)

 Blackberry leaves with frostbite

 Blackberry leaves

© KH