woensdag 20 juli 2016

Ten years ago; Dorset

Ten years ago today me and my family were on holiday in the beautiful county of Dorset. I thought about that because of the hot weather now and then as well and the Four days Marches of Nijmegen which had extreme hot weather ten years ago as well! 
In Dorset on holiday we heard about it through a friend and in Charmouth were we stayed the asphalt was melting under your feet! 
It's also was the last year I was on holiday with my then husband (now ex) and as a complete family. I didn't realise it then of course. 

Charmouth is on the Jurassic Coast  a fantastic coast with lots of fossils to be found. 

West Bay Cliff



Lyme Bay

Old Harry Rocks

Durdle Door

Charmouth Beach

© KH

woensdag 6 juli 2016

Enjoy the little things

After almost two weeks of Social Media break I put myself on I'm now slowly starting to put some things on my blogs again and maybe will start with Twitter and Facebook again too. But not as I did before. More slow this time, leave room for other things in life as well.
Enjoy other things besides being lived by your phone and or laptop... One can only hope.... ;-)