donderdag 28 januari 2016

Thursday Challenge; Unusual Things

This Thursday Challenge is all about ; "UNUSUAL THINGS" (Things one doesnt see every day)

Modern Art in the Bonnefanten museum in Maastricht. 

© KH

donderdag 21 januari 2016

Thursday Challenge; Everyday things

This Thursday Challenge the theme is;  EVERYDAY THINGS (Table, Chair, Refrigerator, Lamp, Phone,...)

Queen Mary's bedroom in Palace t Loo in Apeldoorn

© KH

donderdag 7 januari 2016

Thursday Challenge; Favourite Photo

Today's Thursday Challenge is ; FAVOURITE PHOTO - 2 week theme (Your favourite photo of the year or past years)

That's a challenge alright, how to choose...
But I think I'm going to choose the Edinburgh trip last year with my sis. :) 

  Edinburgh Castle with fountain

 And of course Sherlock Holmes, because it was his birthday yesterday. 

© KH