zondag 21 september 2014


A few weeks ago while walking in the forest I took these pics (among others the header which I edited)

© KH

donderdag 18 september 2014

Thursday Challenge; Blue

This Thursday's Challenge is about:
"BLUE" (Anything with the colour blue in it,...)

On this very important day for Scotland (the country I love and miss so much) it can only be one picture for me:

© KH

donderdag 11 september 2014

Thursday Challenge; Garden

This Thursday's Challenge is all about; GARDEN (Flowers, Vegetables, Rocks, Orchards,...)

And it so happens I made some new ones;


 snail on a dead yellow flower (would snails eat flowers as well I wonder?)


© KH

zondag 7 september 2014


After watching the new series Outlander (I also read the wonderful books by Diana Gabaldon) I am homesick for Scotland more than ever! So I thought it was time again for some photos even though it's been a while since I've been there. Just to lift my spirits up;

 Loch Rannoch

 Culloden Battlefield

 Clava Cairns

Loch Leven

© KH