donderdag 22 september 2016

Thursday Challenge; Hair

Today's Thursday Challenge is part 2 of a two week challenge but since I had my holliday last week it's my first. It's about;  HAIR (week 2 of 2) (Long, Short, Curly, Wavy, People, Animal, Hair Style Products or Equipment,...)

 We have a lot of toads living in our garden and we have a dog who has long hair. Everyone has dog hair on them, apparently even the toads....

© KH

5 opmerkingen:

Melody Steenkamp zei

Schitterende foto !

Maar ehhhhh moet 'next' niet 'last' zijn?


Kati H zei

dat is nou wat je noemt; wishful thinking Melody.. ;)

Bas van Es zei

geweldig wat een ogen heeft hij.

Janice Adcock zei

So many of these posts have a humorous take on the prompt! Your's took an exceptional eye!

Gattina zei

Lol ! that's too funny !