zondag 3 augustus 2014

Visit to Grave

When mum turned 70 last March my sis and I gave her a card. On it were 10 daytrips to determine by herand for sis and me to pay of course. We already have gone on two because of the extreme hot summer weather we're having the third one is put off.

The last one we went to a town where we used to live as children. My dad was a military man so we moved a few times and in this old town we've lived for six years. It changed a bit but not too much.
Grave is a fortress town and the river Maas (Meuse) is streaming along side it. 

 Old canon

 Beautiful old fronts



 Old stuff shop with armour on top of the building

little angels on a house

© KH

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Patsfotos. zei

Hi Kati.

Beautiful pictures you have taken.

Groettie Patricia.

cobie en bas van Es zei

heerlijke plaatsen om bij weg te meimeren.