vrijdag 8 augustus 2014

Summer Holiday

Well my summer holiday is here at last. The weather is not to bad either, it's much cooler and a bit of rain now and again, which I don't mind at all! Not that I'm going away or anything, just the thought of not having to work for the next two weeks should be relaxing enough. I say should because I always need time to adjust the first few days.
And what do I do on my first day? I have already washed my windows (even though it was supposed to rain) and now I'm sitting at my laptop. I really need to think of what it was I wanted to do... Relax, read loads of books and go away on some daytrips by train. But for now... Just go with the flow...

Triberger wasserfälle Schwarzwald 2009

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cobie en bas van Es zei

Heerlijk zulke mooie plekken dit is genieten .