dinsdag 25 oktober 2011


*Vivaldi-Autumn-Click here*

Years ago when I rearanged my garden, I descided I wanted a vine.(in Dutch: Wingerd) I love the colours in autumn. For some reason each autumn the leaves were ripped off by the wind before turning that lovely red colour. But this year it seems that I'm lucky. They are still on, and turning purple and reddish. Fingers crossed!

This picture is from last year: You can see the wood beneath is suffering a bit from the vine. But on the other hand: I love wood that looks like that!

© KH

3 opmerkingen:

klaproos zei

prachtige kleuren kati, en ze worden steeds mooier donkerder en rood hé:-)

Glaswerk zei

Fraaie blaadjes.

Jij trekt meteen een heel blik los ;-)

Kati zei

Klaproos, als de wind ze er niet eerder afblaast wel! ;)

Glaswerk, die schietkramp hè! :D