zondag 23 oktober 2011

A man's best friend

It's her birthday today. She's 10 now. I never forget the day we picked her out of all those jumpy little ones. She sniffed my neck when I picked her up and started to lick my ears. :-) She still wants to if she gets the chance. She is so loyal to me and my very dear friend through the sadness in the last couple of years and in happy times. She comforts me, she will never let me down and is the most true friend I will ever have. But that's the thing about dogs, they give things without asking something in return, just your own friendship and to be good for them.
I really hope she will be part of my life for some more lovely years!
Happy Birthday Jessie! 

© KH

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Christiaan zei


Kati zei

Haha thanks You too. :) even though a dog has only one boss, you are boss two. ;)

klaproos zei

proficiat hoor kati,
ik hoop dat jullie samen nog een aantal leuke jaren samen hebben

* kluifje achterlaat*