zaterdag 10 juni 2017

Count your blessings

Yesterday it was one of those days where you could count your blessings. I was going to Amsterdam to meet Jen who lives in India and who I met through Twitter. We both love Sherlock and clicked from the very first moment some years ago. I couldn't believe it when she told me some weeks ago that she was coming to Europe and to Amsterdam and wanted to see me!
So yesterday when I got on the train, nervous and excited, and the train was packed with travellers the train conductor told me I could sit in first class because it was so crowed everywhere!  A nice quiet place. It was raining heavily so Jen and her husband Stan decided to come straight to the station to pick me up. We hugged and started talking like we just saw each other yesterday.
After a cup of coffee we walked to the trams and no more rain! We had a gorgeous day all day long.

We went sight seeing, to the Flower market, I had my first Indian food (I don't like spicey food but it was lovely) and we went to the Anne Frank museum. We had to wait in line for 2 hours but it flew by. We had so much to talk about. We compared notes, how it was here and how life was in India. (why do we flush our toilets with drinking water? )
Anne Frank house was still as impressive as I remember from my teens, although it has changed and they're still changing.

It was a day to remember a beautiful precious day with a dear friend I shall treasure for ever.

 Indian food

 statue of Anne Frank

 Westerkerk tower

 The pictures below are Jen's...
 Flower market

 Flower market

 Nieuwe Kerk

 Musicians near Rijksmuseum

Flower market

Jen and me

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Melody Steenkamp zei

Hè wat een heerlijk blog. OP en top genieten dus, geweldig. Ben blij voor je!
Zo zie je maar dat er over de hele wereld zeer bijzondere mensen wonen ;-)