donderdag 6 oktober 2016

Thursday Challenge; Sun (week 2)

Again a two week Thursday Challenge (don't care much for those to be perfectly honest) SUN (week 2 of 2) (Sunrise, Sunset, Sunset colors,...)

Wednesday afternoon the sun was shining and it was finally colder (for me that's great!) and the wind was blowing from the East. The leafs were coming down from the trees into the garden and I saw them whirl down into the sunlight right into the garden. When I looked up I saw a skein of geese heading toward warmer weather and I just had to take pictures of it all. So I made a collage. You can still see the geese in the first one (in front of the cloud) and the whirling leaves in the last one.

see? there they go... 

Whirling leaves

© KH

2 opmerkingen:

Melody Steenkamp zei

Prachtig meiske.... altijd weer genieten he, zulke luchten.

Janice Adcock zei

Nice to be able to watch the sun on a fairly regular basis! Lovely series.