maandag 20 april 2015


We buy our meat and farm products at a farmers shop. This farmer is at the outskirts of our town and has a shop, lots of cows and he also makes his own cheeses. You can buy a lot of different things in his shop, such as local products and biological products.
This Saturday the farmer let everone know that the cows were going to go outside again after a long winter. So we went there armed with our camera and we weren't the only ones.

 Running out into the meadow for the first time this year

 Happy, running cows

 'I feel like dancing'

 Just feeling happy

 Just a pretty sight

 Never seen cows run and jump like that

A lot of people came to watch the cows, not sure the cows were all too happy about that though but I'm sure they're used to it

© KH

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Patsfotos. zei

Hoi Kati.

Top dat je hier bij was de koeien voor de eerste keer de wei in dit jaar.
Altijd zo leuk om te zien.

Mooie foto's heb je er van kunnen maken.

Groettie van Patricia.