maandag 16 februari 2015

Greylag Geese

I love geese! I don't know why but I can get really happy watching them fly over in V formation in the sky hearing them honk. I think they have a really good sense of navigation as well plus communication if they sometimes even fly at night and still can tell each other where to go and what to do!

Every Spring Greylag Geese are coming in the pond across from where I live to breed. Not only Greylag but Canadian Geese as well. In February they start to come and they stay until the young are born and ready to fly (or big enough to walk with) to other ponds or streams, which is most time June or so. I love watching them grow up and next year you know some of the young are there as grown geese.

So here are some photos I've taken over the years of the Greylag Geese near our home starting with the ones I took yesterday.

 Greylag geese (pic taken 15-2-15)

 Couple of Greylag geese (15-2-15)

 This pic is taken in April of 2012

Greylag geese (april '12)

 Greylag Geese with young (Mai 2013)

 Two Canandian Geese came too close to the happy family so dad Greylag felt the need to defend them 

Mum is cheering him on at the sidelines

© KH

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