Thursday Challenge; My Favourite photo

This Thursday Challenge is the last of this year and streches out over three weeks I guess. "MY FAVOURITE PHOTO" (3 week theme from Dec 11 to Jan 1)

That's a hard one or maybe not so. Browsing through my photo's I've noticed I haven't made so many this year. My Nikon and I aren't the best of friends not as my Panasonic and I were. It doesn't give me the pleasure of taking pictures as the other camera did and that's a real shame I think.

The times I go on a day out with my mum and sis are the best of times. We still have lots of those days to go but those times have the best of pictures as well and my favourite ones too.

So my photo is from early spring this year when we went to the Keukenhof for the first time to see all the beautiful flowers and had so much fun.

 Sis and mum

                         Beautiful Tulips                        

© KH


Hari OM
Great choices Kati! I know what you mean about some cameras being more friendly than others... actually my 'Nik' was a great friend to me but died very sharply and now I am making a new bond with the 'Fudge' (Fujitsu)... it's going to take time, but I think it will be a good relationship! YAM xx
corryjohan zei…
Mooie foto's. Keukenhof? De laatste vind ik geweldig!
MarjaK zei…
Mooie foto's hoor! De tweede ook zo mooi symmetrisch!
minoesjka2 zei…
Ja, mooie plaatjes van een geweldig seizoen :-)
Erg mooi in beeld gebracht!
Wil het maar niet wennen met je Nikon, Kati?
bas zei…
Geweldig mooi ,ik ben er zelf nog nooit geweest maar als ik dit ziet dan moet het er toch ook maar eens van komen.
Albert y Mara zei…
Met deze foto's zouden we de winter over kunnen slaan. Was dat maar waar! Fijn weekend
Albert y Mara zei…
Met deze foto's kunnen we de winter overslaan, want Keukenhof betekent lente.
Als altijd weer mooie foto's kati

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