dinsdag 1 november 2011

Autumn colours

Autumn is my favorite season. The colours my favorite colours. The bright red, orange and yellow colours are so beautiful I even have autumn colours in my wardrobe and livingroom. 
Every day I ride on my bike to work and enjoy the different colours on the trees. As often as we can, we go walking in the forest with our dog, more in autumn then in any other season. Always with my camera in hand. 
This year we are fortunate that the weather is so good. In november and then 18 degrees Celcius! Warmer in the sun. You can sit outside if you want! Exceptional! Because it's warmer, the leaves stay on the trees a bit longer too. My camera is working overtime! 

© KH

2 opmerkingen:

klaproos zei

die heerlijke herfts kati,
wat een zalige kleuren hé.

Kati zei

Ik kan er geen genoeg van krijgen Klaproos!